This week in Grade Seven (Sept. 14-18) – HUM7

  • We finished up a class discussion about rights and responsibilities, citizenship, and what is democracy
  • Completed our first sample of writing – Dueling Doors and Magic Crystal Ball prompts (see the Assignments area and post in the stream on Google Classroom)
  • Completed some notes and discussion about the Early Beginnings of Canada and the first arrivals to North America after the Ice Age (First Nations Peoples), along with looking at maps of the early migration over Beringia and the land bridge
  • Read an article about Identity and the use of language and how it has an impact on others (5Ws recording and a few discussion questions) – Point of View – Why the Word Disabled Makes Me Cringe | 5Ws – Close Reading – Student Note Sheet
  • Watched and discussed short film “Same Difference” (animated short film about robots overcoming challenges and escaping their captors) – talked about identity, stereotypes, metaphor, symbols, and the overall message of the film