This week in Grade Eight – Sept. 7 – 11

We’ve been busy getting to know each other and a few introductory activities.

We’ve had a few discussions about political cartoons of current events (included below). CBC Article – Can Art Transform a Nation’s Consciousness

Read a short story (Death by Scrabble – by Charlie Fish) and watched a companion video that has been adapted into a short Swedish film. Our discussion led us to point out how the author creates drama and suspense, metaphors, and literal/figurative meaning within the text.

We also watched a short film from the NYTimes OpEd series – “All I Have to Offer You is Me.” We discussed racism, dreams and broken hopes, stereotypes, and overcoming challenges. This activity also included some jot and point notes and a few discussion questions.

‘Ball and chain’ metaphor for COVID 19
Stereotypes of women’s roles and COVID19 role reversals