This week in ELA – Grade Eight – September 21-25

This week in ELA Grade Eight – Sept 21-25 – We did a quick dive into ‘suspense’ in literature and film. We used comparative literature practice and story elements to discuss similarities and differences between pieces of the story and a TV episode. We also looked at two samples – one that uses banal or trivial dialogue to move the story and create suspense and another that uses out-an-out action sequences to overwhelm and bombard us to wonder what will happen next. Here’s a list of our activities:

  • Discussion of ‘suspense’ in literature and film
  • Watched the first segment of ‘Twilight Zone – The Movie’ – “Want to see something really scary?” and the crash sequence of the movie ‘Castaway’
  • Building the suspense through dialogue, sequence of events, or pure action
  • Read and did 5Ws for news article from ‘The Guardian’ written by Artificial Intelligence, followed by classroom discussion
  • Finished a literary analysis of elements of ‘The Beautiful People’ and the ‘Eye of Beholder’