Humanities 7 – Week(s) at a glance

My apologies for being a bit behind on updates for the past few weeks in Humanities 7.

Here is what we’ve been doing in class the past two weeks:

  • We began our introduction to First Nations Peoples (the Beothuk) and First Contact in North America (the Vikings) – Watching “Canada: A People’s History” – Episode 1 and taking notes
  • Read an article to continue our theme from last week’s reading of “The Fun They Had” with “What was School like 100 Years Ago” – CBC Kids News
  • Through puns we looked at Literal vs. Figurative meaning
  • Discussed and took notes about stories that are Utopian and Dystopian fiction and began watching a modern film example – “The Truman Show”
  • We spent some time online using the CBE library system and requested and received our first independent reading books using an online form
  • Began our independent reading programs and word work
    (etymology, definitions, synonyms/antonyms/homonyms, syllables, and context) – our example notes were a term for literature – What is a Metaphor
  • Began analyzing film and short videos using the plot diagram and model

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