These are common questions that are asked by students and their families:

Do I have homework?

No and maybe. No daily homework will be assigned to students. They are expected to do a small amount of organization each day in their binders and a quick review or refresher of the day’s learning. Students may have large project work that they will receive classroom time to complete but will likely have to do additional work at home to complete. Any daily classroom work and assignments not completed during the school time provided will be homework. Basically, if classroom time is used effectively there will likely be little work to take home.

No homework? What should I do?

Students are expected to do the following daily:

  • organize their binder
  • read 1/2 hour from fiction or non-fiction books or publications
  • review, practice and prepare for quizzes

What if a student is away or absent?

Contact a trusted peer to find out what has been going on while you were away.

Contact the teacher by e-mail ( to see if there’s any important documents, deadlines or information that you need before you return.

How do I get help?

Students can drop by during the lunch break or after school for additional assistance. I will be in my room most days at lunchtime unless I have supervision.

How Can I Be Successful Academically?

PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

Student success is usually the result of a few simple strategies:

  • Complete all assigned tasks
  • Take detailed notes in class and actively learn
  • Participate in classroom discussions and demonstrations
  • Daily reading and review of notes
  • Clarify expectations for student work and seek help when needed
  • Have a positive attitude and growth mindset