Author: Mike Stahl

7-2 & 7-4 – “The Truman Show” Art and Response


Updates continue on Google Classroom

I will continue to update and share information through this website when needed. Since our return to online learning, the site has become rather redundant [...]

“Hints” for Quizzes this week – Hum. 7

We will have two short quizzes this week - one for Language Arts and one for Social Studies. For Language Arts, make sure you are familiar with the plot [...]

Grade Eight LA – Updates from the past weeks (October 5-14)

Here are a few of the things we've been exploring the past couple of weeks: Read, analyzed, and discussed a CBC Article on racism through a current event [...]

Humanities 7 – Week(s) at a glance

My apologies for being a bit behind on updates for the past few weeks in Humanities 7. Here is what we've been doing in class the past two weeks: We [...]

This week in ELA – Grade Eight – September 21-25

This week in ELA Grade Eight - Sept 21-25 - We did a quick dive into 'suspense' in literature and film. We used comparative literature practice and story [...]

This week in LA 8 (Sept. 14-18)

This week in ELA Grade Eight - We finished reading the short story - "The Beautiful People" - thank you to our fantastic student voice actors, [...]

This week in Grade Seven (Sept. 14-18) – HUM7

We finished up a class discussion about rights and responsibilities, citizenship, and what is democracy Completed our first sample of writing - Dueling Doors [...]

This week in Grade Eight – Sept. 7 – 11

We've been busy getting to know each other and a few introductory activities. We've had a few discussions about political cartoons of current events [...]

This week in Grade Seven – HUM7 (Sept. 4 – 11)

We're quickly getting to know each other since the reshuffling of the Grade Seven homerooms. And we're off to a great start! Here's a quick synopsis of our [...]