My Approach to Teaching – Mike Stahl


My philosophy of teaching is that opportunities inside and outside of the classroom should provide students with life-long skill development in problem-solving, independent decision-making and seeking and filtering information.

Learning Actively – Inquiry, Research and Activities

Students should learn fundamental knowledge, skills and attributes as outlined in the Alberta Program of Studies through real-world, hands-on experiential opportunities and in ways that play to their strengths as a learner.

Our classroom provides students challenges and opportunities to learn through:

  • Inquiry and research
  • Project-based learning – student-led project work guided by teacher input
  • Online tools for writing, coding, representing information and learning
  • Collaboration, cooperation and teamwork
  • Cross-curricular project work (combining Math, Science, Social and Language Arts skills)
  • Generative Curriculum (using the Program of Studies as a guide but student having significant choices in how they learn and experience the concepts)
  • Significant focus on public and group presentation of individual and shared knowledge and project work

My Background

Mr. Stahl & Taylor the Dalmatian

Mr. Stahl & Taylor the Dalmatian

As a teacher, I have worked with multiple age groups since 1999. I have been an educator for students from Grade Four through to Grade Twelve at the Calgary Board of Education, Adult Education in private school settings teaching Multimedia and Print Design, and Continuing Education for Adults through Bow Valley College and the University of Calgary.